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Mountain Village produces amazing kimchi that can be stored safely and eaten anywhere! The delicious flavor and nutrition of the kimchi are preserved through an innovative freeze vacuum drying method.  This minimizes the loss of nutrition of kimchi and preserves the unique taste and aroma as much as possible.

Cooking Directions:

Simply rehydrate the kimchi with water or put it in stews, ramen, soups, and much more to naturally rehydrate the kimchi blocks. 


  • Individual packaging makes it easy and versatile to use anywhere.
  • Regardless of the season, it can always be delivered to consumers at low prices.
  • Thorough quality control produces safe products and delivers it to consumers.


Kimchi 76% [Chinese cabbage 89% (Chinese cabbage / Korean salt), Red pepper powder (Chinese), Garlic (Chinese), Anchovy fish sauce, Japanese leek, Ginger, Sugar Onion, Refined Salt, Sodium L-Glutamate (flavor enhancer), Purified Water, Xanthan Gum)] Maltodextrin