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Enjoy expertly aged traditional Korean Soybean Paste Stew with Radish Greens from Midang within minutes in the comfort of your home!  It's a well-developed stew with a deep, rich, and slightly nutty taste of well developed Korean soybean paste. Perfect for travel as it can be stored at room temperature and is quick, simple, and easy to make! 

Midang's prime fermented soybean paste made from 100% domestic Korean ingredients such as the actual soybeans aged at low temperatures to develop its rich flavors and fresh, high-quality radish greens full of natural healthy fibers.

Only carefully selected fresh ingredients with no preservatives, no additives, no color, no MSG are used so you can enjoy it safely with peace of mind. The soybean paste is produced using a blend of traditional Korean techniques and modern hygienic facilities with the Midang HACCP-certified production facility. 


  • You can heat it up by simply putting the whole packaging in boiling water and boil for 5-6 minutes. 
  • You can enjoy it with added green onions and other vegetables to your liking! 
  • If you use a microwave, simply transfer it to a microwave-safe bowl and warm it up before serving.


  • Made in a HACCP certified facility
  • Made with 100% Korean grown ingredients
  • No additives, no MSG, no food coloring, no preservative

Ingredients List 500g (70kcal.)

  • Greed radish greens (domestic) 8.8%, miso (bean (domestic), recontamination (domestic)) 2.9%, seaweed soup (Dashima
    Domestic), dried radish seasoning [bean (domestic), wheat
    (Domestic), green onion (domestic), red pepper paste [wheat (domestic), red pepper powder (domestic)
  • Contains soybean and wheat