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Enjoy a healthy spin of the staple to every Korean meal with the Mysan Fermented Brown Rice. This 100% domestic, freshly cropped brown rice is mixed with other grains before being fermented with lactobacillus, yeast, and bacillus. This results in the high-quality flavor, texture and rich nutrition of the fermented brown rice that everyone in the family can enjoy! Unlike conventional brown rice, you don’t have to soak fermented brown grains in water to achieve their delightfully soft and chewy texture. Just clean, cook, and enjoy! 



  • No need to soak! 
  • Wash and rinse gently in water about 2 times. 
  • You can keep warm in the rice cooker (3-4 days) as the rice will not harden and the taste will stay consistent.  
  • Not recommended to mix with white rice and other grains.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.