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Transform your hair into beautiful shades of natural brown and dark brown with the nourishing N Hair Dye from Odi Green. Consists of more than 60% natural green tea extract that helps minimize irritation to your skin. Odi Green’s shampoo-type dye keeps your hair glowing and healthy even after dying. Quick, simple, and easy to do by yourself right at home (even the back)! 

The skin-nourishing green tea extract is used in shampoo and cosmetics to help skin beauty by preventing skin damage from UV rays. Rich in vitamins and cadaverine, green tea extract also boasts antioxidant and antibacterial properties. The tannins in green tea help release waste and control sebum in the body to maintain a clean healthy scalp. 

Odi Green’s innovative removal method of dye toxins, heavy metals, and skin irritants ensures 100% safe use with an acquired patent. Perfect for those with sensitive skin that becomes easily irritated during the dyeing process. 

How to Use:

Recommended to test the dye on the skin of arm or behind the ear and wait 48 hours to check for potential allergic reactions, i.e. patch test. 

1. Apply vinyl gloves to hands before mixing the 1st agent and 2nd agent in a 1:1 ratio.

2. Apply evenly to hair as you would shampoo.

3. Once spread evenly, leave in for 3-10 minutes as it is.

4. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Great for:

  • Those who frequently dye their hair
  • Before/after a perm
  • Those who want to color gray/white hair
  • Those who want easy, self-applied dyeing 
  • Those who are sensitive to skin irritation during dyeing.
Odi Green N Hair Dye 80g (Natural Brown/Dark Brown)
$6.39 $7.99