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An easy way to create a bowl of soybean paste stew!

- Add 2 cups of water, sauce, and ingredients (tofu, potato, onion, squash, etc.) into a pot. Bring to boil and cook for addition 6 minutes.

Water soy bean paste water soybean wheat flour salt fermented soy bean alcohol to preserve freshness monosodium glutamate shellfish extract water maltodextrin salt clam extract seaweed extract cabbage garlic mushroom powder green onion onion ginger defatted gluten soup stock seasoning monosodium glutamate maltodextrin salt onion powder red pepper powder spice oil rice bran oil red pepper oil oleoresin paprika for color oleoresin capsicum and contains less than 2% of hydrolyzed soy protein maltodextrin salt onion garlic squid mussel sugar palm oil ginger disodium inosinate, the sodium guanylate mushroom powder citric acid black pepper powder garlic oil monosodium glutamate yeast extract anchovy extract Green onion extract garlic extract onion extract xanthan gum tocopherol.

O'Food Doenjang Jjigae Sauce 130g