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This patented hair dye instantly colors hair with 1 application within 1 minute! Available in multiple colors and shades, feel free to experiment with different looks! Easy-to-use and portable, the dye color penetrates quickly into the deep cuticle layers of your hair strands. This patented dye features 2 penetration layers that are discharged simultaneously, so no mixing is required! The one-minute dye is derived from natural ingredients, including moringa extract, safflower extract, and various hair nutrients to prevent hair-splitting. These nutrient-dense ingredients are superchargers for your hair, keeping it naturally full, glossy, and beautiful.

How to Use:

1. Squeeze the contents onto the dyeing area and comb through with a comb. 

2. Dye the hairline and under the ears using the tip of the functional comb.

3. Follow the 1:1:1 method, one pack, for one minute, once a month.


  • Easy-to-use pouch form, no need to mix hair dyes, easy to carry, and dye anywhere! 
  • It contains 20 natural ingredients, six proteins, moringa/safflower extracts, and vitamins to prevent hair damage. 
  • Aloe vera leaf juice, Iris extract, Henna extract. Safflower extract. Lotus root powder, Ginseng extract,  Astragalus extract, Tangerine Extract, Peony root extract, Emija extract