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Ottogi Rice Porridge with Snow Crab 285g

Cooking Directions:

1. Completely remove the sealing inside.
2. Cover the plastic lid again and microwave for 2 minutes. 

Ingredients: water, rice, imitation crab meat (pollack, crab, soybean, wheat, oyster, shrimp), scrambled egg (egg, milk), enoki mushroom, bamboo shoots, sesame oil, red snow crab paste, corn oil, green onion, garlic, chicken bouillon powder, salt, crab extract, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (soybean), disodiumnosinate, disodium guanylate, tocopherol. Oil Pack: sesame oil.  Contains milk, egg, soybean, wheat, crab, pollack, shrimp.