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Healthy and delicious, the Pear Balloon Flower Concentrate Sticks contain natural ginger, pear, and ginger sourced from the clean air and crisp climate of Korea’s Jirisan Mountain. Brimming with flavor and a wonderful blend of essential nutrients. Conveniently packed in stick-type packaging for easy access and portability, so you can stay healthy and active anywhere and everywhere! Experience the strong, natural taste of healthy ingredients free from bitterness. Sweet enough for even children to enjoy! 

After extensive research and development, the perfect combination of natural Korean ingredients was created to help restore and soothe damaged throats. Pear is an alkaline food with potassium, citric acid, vitamins B and C, fiber, and amino acids.  Balloon flower contains saponin, inulin, dietary fiber, and minerals. Ginger is also nutrient-dense and is rich with shogaols, which have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects.

Experience the nutrition and bright, natural flavors of pear, bellflower, and ginger all in one package! 

Grown in the rich soil and climate of local farms nestled in the Jirisan Mountain located in Sancheong, Korea. Manufactured through safe production facilities and hygienic processes. 


Recommended for those 

  • With dry and sore throats
  • Who want to keep healthy during the changing seasons 
  • Fatigued from overwork
  • Who frequently use their voice such as public speakers 


Take 1 packet 1-2 times a day. 


Ingredient List 

  • Bellflower, pear, ginger concentrate 100% (more than 60 Bik) [bellflower, pear, ginger, mixed extract (solid content 4.6%, pear 70.8%, bellflower 7%, ginger 1.2%, purified water]
SKU: 100010113308
Hadong Pear Balloon Flower Concentrate Sticks 10g (30 Sticks)
$47.99 $59.99

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