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Experience rejuvenated health with the highly nutritious and authentic Korean Pear & Bellflower Root Extract Sticks! Conveniently packed in easy-tear sticks for instant accessibility anytime, anywhere! 

Absolutely packed with rich nutrients extracted for more than 20 hours from domestic pear, ginger, and bellflower. The long extraction time is the secret behind capturing the natural taste, aroma, and health benefits of the original ingredients. Completely free from preservatives, sweeteners, flavoring agents, or food additives. 


    • Fresh, 100% domestic Korean pears, bellflowers, and ginger are washed and cleaned before going through extraction. 
    • Korean pears are rich in flavonoids, polyphenols, and aspartic acid. 
    • Korean bellflower is an excellent source of saponin, inulin, and glucose. 
    • Korean ginger contains vitamins, gingerols and shogaols.
    • Manufactured in HACCP facilities certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

    Ingredients: Pear, Bellflower (Balloon Flower), Ginger, Purified Water

    Made in KOREA