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Daily skin care can be a tedious task and sometimes we slip up! Once a blackhead expands a pore, it can be difficult to minimize it back to normal. With Pore Remodeling Mask EX, you can rest easy as your blackheads disappear without a trace. The peel-off mask features a specialized reversal dosage gel that turns into a soothing film when applied to the skin. It perfectly molds onto skin for delicate pore care and maximum adhesiveness. You can effectively remove blackheads, excessive sebum, skin impurities and enhance your pore elasticity at the same time! 

Includes 10 pieces of Pore Clear Pad Ex, an exclusive pore control sheet that cleans off oily sebum and blackhead in pores.


  • After facial cleansing simply apply the Pore Clear Pad Ex over desired area and remove after 10-15 minutes.
  • Then, spread a thin layer of Pore Remodeling Mask Ex evenly over desired areas while carefully avoiding the eyes. 
  • After the gel mask dries and hardens into film, gently remove the mask film from the edges. 
  • Use a wet cotton swab to wipe off any leftover remnants and continue with your daily skin care routine!