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Pre-orders will be available until 7/6 (Tues). Will arrive from Korea and be shipped out 7/20 (Tues) via FREE FedEx 2 day shipping. 

*Dates subject to change due to delays.

*Please note that no cancellations of pre-orders will be accepted once the order has been processed.

Korean Wild Spanish Mackerel (Samchi) Half-Cut Fillets 3kg (24~30 packs per order)

This pre-order set contains 24~30 packs of Korean Wild Spanish Mackerel (Samchi) Half-Cut Fillets - depending on the total weight of 3 kgs

Cleanly trimmed and cut, ready to be grilled, these Spanish mackerel fillets are caught off of the South Sea of Korea, frozen immediately using the quick-freezing method.  Each fillet is vacuum-sealed for freshness and convenience.  Low in calories, Spanish mackerel is high in vitamin D, B12, selenium, niacin and phosphorus, zinc, copper, and vitamin A.  It is lightly seasoned in sea salt, making the meat very firm and full of flavor. The head, insides, and bones are already removed, making it easy to cook without the hassle.

*Please freeze immediately once received until ready to eat.