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Pre-orders will be available until 11/21 (Sun). Will arrive from Korea and ship out 12/8 (Wed) via FREE FedEx 2 day shipping. 

*Dates subject to change due to delays.

*Please note that no cancellations of pre-orders will be accepted once the order has been processed.

Korean Spicy Marinated Crab (Yangnyeom-Gejang) 2.6kg

Known as a ‘Rice Thief’, a well-known Korean saying for dishes that are so delicious that the accompanying rice is gone quickly, Korean Marinated Raw Crab is widely loved by Koreans as a special cuisine. It's so good that you won't need any other side dish if you have the Korean Marinated Raw Crab, whether it be spicy flavored or marinated in soy sauce.

MIDUM (FAITH) Marinated Raw Crab has been making marinated raw crabs for the past three generations with grandmother's secret recipe, and has kept the consistency of great taste and high quality with accumulated know-how. It became even more popular when social influencers and Mukbang-ers started raving about the marinated crab dishes. 

100% Korean caught fresh crabs are thoroughly cleaned and trimmed at Midum's HACCP certified facility, then marinated with carefully picked fresh vegetables, fruits, and other main ingredients that are locally sourced. 

No Food Coloring, No Preservatives 

Ingredients: Spicy Marinate Sauce (red pepper powder, brewed soy sauce, cheongyang spicy red pepper powder, onion, refined salt, apple, pear, sugar, starch syrup, fish sauce, ground garlic, plum juice, yuzu extract, crab broth, mixed seasoning), Blue Crab


Please keep frozen immediately upon receiving and until ready to enjoy.  Please do not refreeze once thawed.