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Pre-orders will be available until 11/2. Will be shipped out 12/8 via FREE FedEx 2 day shipping. 

*Dates subject to change due to delays.

*Please note that no cancellations of pre-orders will be accepted once the order has been processed.

Trechan's kimchi is from the famous Jeolla Province in Korea, known for its thicker sauce that gives kimchi a deeper flavor. Trechan also uses 100% locally produced ingredients to make the highest quality kimchi. In addition, they add their own specialized leavened and fermented salt (rice leaven added to sun-dried salt for fermentation) in order to lessen sodium consumption while maintaining the savory taste. All of their production facilities are HACCP certified and their products contain no artificial flavor enhancers, no chemical preservatives, and no color additives. Enjoy this fresh, delicious kimchi straight from Korea!


Leaf Mustard: Mustard Leaf (75.4%), Trechan Kimchi Starch [Glutinous Rice (Korean), Shiitake Mushroom (Korean)], Chili Pepper Powder (Korean), Onion (Korean), Trechan Salted Anchovies [Anchovies (Korean), Sun-Dried Salt (Korean)], Fermented Anchovy Sauce (Korean), Salted Shrimp (Korean), Garlic (Korean), Trechan Leavened Salt (Leaven (Korean), Sun-Dried Salt (Korean)), Pear (Korean), Oligosaccharide (Korean), Ginger (Korean), Kelp Base (Korean) 

Ponytail Radish: Young Radish 77.5% (Korean) [Trechan Kimchi Starch [Glutinous Rice (Korean), Shiitake Mushroom (Korean)], Chili Pepper Powder (Korean), Onion (Korean), Garlic (Korean), Ginger (Korean), Apple (Korean), Pear (Korean)

[PRE-ORDER] Trechan Leaf Mustard 2kg and Ponytail Radish 3kg Kimchi
$86.99 $91.99

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