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All natural Schisandra (Omija) extract from Pyeongwon Farm in Muju County, North Jeolla Province, Korea.  Its daily climate and temperature range is ideal for developing the best natural taste and aroma of Schisandra. Schisandra extract is packed with vitamin C, live cultures, polyphenol, and lignin. Enjoy as a healthy drink with water or add into your favorite recipes as a seasoning or sugar substitute! 

No Preservatives, food coloring or chemicals added.

Direction: Enjoy hot during the winter or cool in the summer! Simply add Schisandra extract at 1:6 with water. Mix with beverage/spirit of choice.

Ingredients: Schisandra (Omija), Sugar

PYEONGWON FARM Schisandra (Omija) Extract 500ml
$33.99 $42.49