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Featuring the natural, delicious, and healthy Korean Seaweed (Tot) Flakes collected offshore Wando, Korea. Freshly harvested Korean tot seaweed is dried in the natural sunlight and stiff, clean sea breeze of Wando. The dried tot is crushed into flakes perfect for cooking. Simply sprinkle on the flavor! 

Full of savory and delicious flavor that even picky young children will love. Start eating healthy with Wando Seaweed Tot Flakes! 


  • Simply sprinkle it on during cooking! 
  • 2 adjustable lids with different sizes for convenient cooking. 

Rice Recipe 

  • When cooking rice, add 1-2 spoons of seaweed flakes for every 4 servings of rice. 

Omurice Recipe

  • Beat an egg and add seaweed flakes during cooking.
  • Add with finished seaweed tot rice for delicious Korean omurice! 
  • Try also as a seasoning on rice or beaten in Korean rolled egg omelettes! 

Storage Suggestion

  • Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature. 

Ingredient List 

  • 100% Tot Seaweed
SKU: 100010143227
Seaweed (Tot) Flakes 170g (For Rice)
$11.80 $14.75

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