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Elevate your dishes with Seowondangs’ premium Sesame Oil from the clean, pristine area and local farmers from Gangwon-do, Korea. Sesame oil is a must-have in every Korean kitchen. Its distinctive nutty, toasty flavor is highly versatile for a variety of dishes as either a base oil or finishing oil. 

Seowondang uses only carefully selected 100% high-quality Korean sesame seeds grown in Gangwon-do using traditional, eco-friendly techniques to protect nature and their customer’s health. Local Korean farmers cultivate the raw sesame seeds in the clean air and rich soil of Gangwon-do.

Once the Gangwon-do sesame seeds (which are 1.5 times more expensive than regular sesame seeds) are harvested, they go through an extremely thorough washing process to clean all the dust, soil, and other foreign substances not visible to the naked eye. While a lot more oil can be milked without this process, the level of foreign substances will obviously be much higher and you will risk ingesting harmful ingredients. That is why Seowondang repeats the same meticulous process to achieve its high standard of hygiene and freshness every time. 

After washing, the seeds enter the most crucial step of the entire process: roasting, which not only to removes moisture but also to determines the taste and flavor of each raw sesame seed. By using over 30 years of roasting experience on the perfect sesame seeds, Seowondang sesame oil achieves that comforting roasted aroma and delicious nutty flavor that adds a whole new element of flavor to any dish. Once you try it and cook with it, Seowondang is confident you will nod with approval! 


Production Process

  • 100% Gangwon-do Sesame Seeds
  • Filtering / Packaging: Use natural filtering paper with a tight weave to get clear oil.
  • Cold compression process/milking: Unique low-temperature compression method where the seeds are essentially cold-pressed to increase quality.

Ingredient and Nutrition List 

  • Domestic (Gangwon-do) 100% Sesame seeds
  • Seowondang Fresh Sesame Oil 170ml / 250ml
  • Nutritional ingredients (100ml of the indicated standard) 812kcal
  • Carbohydrate 0g
  • Sugar 0g
  • Protein 0g (0%)
  • Fat 90g (167%)
  • Saturated Fat 13g (90%)
  • Trans Fat 0g
  • Cholesterol 0g (0%)
  • Sodium 8mg (0%)

Seowon-Dang Sesame Oil 170ml
$24.64 $30.80