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This item is shipped separately from other regular Seoul Mills items by FREE two-day delivery service.  This specific item requires cold storage to stay fresh and safe to eat. 

Note: While Separate Free Shipping items automatically receive FREE two-day shipping, other Seoul Mills items still fall under normal shipping rates. To receive free shipping, items must reach a total of $100, NOT including Separate Free Shipping products in their order as they are shipped separately. 

** Please note that frozen goods ship out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Deadline for frozen orders to ship out the same week is Tuesday 10 AM PST. All orders placed after the deadline will be shipped the following week to avoid delays and thawing of products**

Extra Strong Fermented Soybean Paste with Ripened Kimchi 200g x 8

Cheonggukjang is a perfect food, a chunk of gold as people say.

Using the fermentation technology of Soonchang Foods that have been passed down through four generations, the original taste of Cheonggukjang is preserved, the smell of cheonggukjang is reduced, and the ripened kimchi by the famous Jongga Foods is blended in the perfect ratio, making it easy and delicious for everyone to enjoy.

No preservatives, food coloring, or chemical seasonings are added.

Made in a HACCP-certified facility.

Each order comes with 8 individually packaged Extra Strong Fermented Soybean Paste with Ripened Kimchi.

    Please keep frozen until ready to cook. 

    How to Make a Delicious Ripened Kimchi Cheonggukjang Stew: 

    1. Put 350~400ML of water or soup stock into a pot along with 200g of the fermented soybean paste. (Using soup stock will give a more savory flavor, Adjust soup level to your liking)
    3. Bring it to a boil.
    4. Add vegetables or tofu* to make it even more delicious.   
    *Images shown are serving suggestions and vegetables do not come with the set.

    Ingredients: fermented soybean paste (soybean, salt, purified water), ripened kimchi (salted napa cabbage {napa cabbage, salt}, starch {rice powder mix}, red pepper powder, high fructose, anchovy sauce {anchovy, onion, kelp extract {kelp, garlic, salted shrimp extract}, green onion, ginger mix)

    [SEPARATE FREE SHIPPING] Extra Strong Fermented Soybean Paste with Ripened Kimchi (Cheonggukjang) 200g x 8 Pack