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SULRAEDAM Seafood Banchan Set

The Set contains:

  • Tako Wasabi 80g x 5
  • Red Snow Crab Sauce 80g x 3
  • Golden Masago 80g x 2
  • Spicy Seasoned Salted Crab 80g x 2
  • Soy Sauce Marinated Shrimp 80g x 3

Rapid Freeze Method used at ultra-low temperature to keep the freshness intact.
Convenient packaging that’s perfect for one serving.


Tako Wasabi is a popular Japanese dish with baby octopus and wasabi. This delicious dish also pairs well with rice wine or soju.  

Ingredients: Baby octopus, sauce (glucose, lemon vinegar, lemon juice concentrate, salt, fructose, cooking wine), wasabi stem, d-sorbitol, cooking wine, salt, sugar, soy sauce, wasabi powder, mustard powder, complex seasoning food1, compound seasoned food2, L-sodium glutamate, xanthan gum, red pepper powder, wasabi paste, vitamin c, fish sauce


To make a pack of 80g red snow crab sauce, intestines from 3 or more red snow crabs are used. 100% Korean snow crab intestines from Uljin, Korea. 

Ingredients: Red snow crab, rice wine, tapioca powder, sugar, maltodextrin, sauce, sugar, L-sodium glutamate


100% Pure flying fish roe is added to the light and delicious sauce. Try it in a variety of dishes with its unique popping texture and bright colors of flying fish roe. 

Ingredients: Golden masago, sauce (lemon vinegar, salt), sauce 2 (d-sorbitol, salt, sugar, L-sodium glutamate, citric acid, stevia, nutrient fortifier


Made with delicious “Chil” crabs, 4cm in length, that live in the mud. This spicy seasoned salted crab Jeotgal is made by grinding the whole chil crab in its entirety.  

Ingredients: Crab, red pepper powder, anchovy sauce, onion, sauce, garlic, ginger, spicy pepper, cooking wine, L-sodium glutamate, sugar, potassium sorbate


Perfect with a bowl of rice, this soy sauce marinated shrimp is cut into bite-sized pieces with mild yet addicting special soy sauce.

Ingredients: Shrimp meat, brewed soy sauce, sugar, rice wine, sauce, starch syrup, potato powder, caramel color, ginger juice, xanthan gum, L-sodium glutamate  

[SEPARATE FREE SHIPPING] SULRAEDAM Seafood Banchan Set (Tako Wasabi 80g x 5, Red Snow Crab Sauce 80g x 3, Golden Masago 80g x 2, Spicy Seasoned Salted Crab 80g x 2, Soy Sauce Marinated Shrimp 80g x 3)
$80.49 $83.99