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Crunch into buttery, crispy deliciousness with the Garlic Baguette Snack from Seton Bakery.  Sourced from 100% domestic, high-quality, and all-natural ingredients such as domestic Korean wheat, garlic, fertilized egg, and olive oil. Seton Bakery prides itself on using no chemical preservatives, or additives in any of their products. Baked in specialized ovens without frying in oil to keep the garlic bread light, airy, and crispy. The satisfying crunch, aromatic parsley, and buttery richness of delicious garlic bread are captured in every bite! 


    • Wheat flour 58.19%, processed butter 25.84%, organic sugar 7.68%,garlic (domestic) 3.14%, olive oil (Italian) 2.33%,Yeast (domestic) 1.75%, baked salt (domestic) 0.9%,Parsley  0.17% [with wheat and milk
    • Serving Size 70g, Total 1 Servings: 70g 
    • Carbohydrates 45g (14%) 
    • Sugar 4g
    • Protein 7g (13%)
    • Fat 28g (28%) 
    • Saturated Fat 9g (60%)
    • Trans Fat 0g 
    • Cholesterol 35mg (12%) 
    • Sodium 240mg (12%) 
    Seton Bakery Garlic Baguette Snack 70g
    $4.20 $5.25