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Korean Rice Cake Set (Injeolmi 240g x 3 Packs + Red Bean Rice Cake 270g x 3 Packs + Ramie Leaf Songpyeon 800g x 1 Pack)

The premium Korean Rice Cake Set from Yugibang-ah captures the authentic flavor of 3 different traditional Korean rice cakes! The rice cakes are expertly kneaded for a rich, chewy, and sticky texture. The dough is thoroughly kneaded so the rice cakes don’t harden over time. Featuring natural Korean ingredients from local Korean farmers for a deliciously sweet and authentic flavor! Made through honest work, free from any emulsifiers. 

Enjoy the powdered sweetness of Korean injeolmi, the richness of Korean red bean, and the fresh, sweet, pine flavor of Korean ramie leaf songpyeon (rice cake). Delicious hot or cold! 


  • Storage method: frozen storage (-18°C or less)
  • Keep frozen upon receiving. 
  • Defrost naturally at room temperature for about 30 minutes. 
  • Steaming/Defrosting in microwave turn rice cakes droopy and deflated. 

Injeolmi 240g Ingredient List: 

  • Glutinous Rice 82.6%, Sugar 8.2%, Soybean 8%, Sea Salt

Red Bean Glutinous Rice Cake 270g Ingredient List

  • Glutinous rice 64.6%, Red Bean Paste (Korean Red bean 66%, Sugar 34%) 22%, Sugar 9.2%, Potato Starch, Sea Salt 

Ramie Leaf Songpyeon 800g Ingredient List

  • Non-Glutinous Rice 50.5%, Ramie Leaves 20%, Green Beans 21%, Sugar, Sea Salt