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Easy to make, conveniently packed, and perfect for camping, traveling, or cooking outdoors! 

Make deliciously spicy and savory Korean soybean stew instantly with the ready-made seasoned Korean radish green and soybean paste broth cubes! The ingredients are freeze-dried at -40 degrees F before being molded into a cube to keep its aroma and texture intact. These cubes contain all-natural Korean ingredients that preserve their intense flavors and nutrition.  From traditional Korean drying techniques originally used to save plant ingredients for the winter, radish greens preserve and intensifies its natural nutrients and distinctive flavor through the modern freeze-drying process. 

Radish greens help detoxify the liver with its rich vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin B as well as improve digestion with its high dietary fiber content. Simply drop one cube into some hot water and some classic Korean vegetables like onion and radish for deliciously aromatic and spicy Korean soybean paste stew. 

Cooking Directions:

1. Put one cube in a bowl. 

2. Add about a cup of hot water, stir and enjoy! Add water to taste. 

3. You can add more layers of flavor with mushroom, tofu, and red chili peppers!


  • Featuring all-natural ingredients such as soybean paste and Korean thistle from the Gangwon Province, Republic of Korea.
  • Contains 40.69% soybean paste (Domestic Korean), 24.41% of radish greens (Domestic Korean). 
  • Home meal replacement made from 100% domestic Korean vegetables with great taste and flavor.
  • Convenient for travelers at home and abroad thanks to one-portion packs and room temperature storage.
SKU: 100010110329
Spicy Soybean Paste and Dried Radish Green Broth Cubes 10g Each (5 Per Pack)
$6.39 $7.99

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