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Milled Date: 10/13/2020

Enjoy the staple of every Korean meal with the fresh flavor of Su-Hyangmi White Rice. Su-Hyangmi rice has been researched for 20 years to achieve it’s high-quality texture and flavor, capturing the roasted, delicious taste and aroma of freshly-made rice cooked in traditional Korean pots.  

Su-Hyangmi rice is cultivated in the fresh clean air and rich soil of Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province.  Through expert breeding techniques developed for years, Su-Hyangmi rice boasts excellent genes for rich and full glutinous white rice. It’s the secret behind the full, glossy grains and delightfully soft and chewy texture. The small and uniform rice grains are easy to digest, ideal for infants, or recovering patients.  Su-Hyangmi rice has a fresh flavor and aroma akin to freshly cooked corn with even a subtle sweetness!  It maintains it’s amazing flavor and consistency even after 24 hours of being cooked.   


Cooking Instructions

  • Su-Hyangmi rice grains are small and uniform so it only requires-10-15 percent less water than regular rice to make.
  • The recommended ratio of water is 1:1
  • However, the amount of water can be adjusted according to preference.

Storage Method

  • Avoid moisture and store in a cool place to away from direct sunlight.
  • Recommendation: Keep it sealed and refrigerated after opening. 
  • Recommendation: Eat as soon as possible after opening


  • Newly harvested Su-Hyangmi rice isn’t milled until two weeks prior to shipment to maintain its original authentic taste and aroma. The rice is stored in a cold warehouse to maintain and regulate freshness. 
Su-Hyangmi White Rice 5kg (Keep refrigerated) (Limited to 2 Packs per Order)

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