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These eco-friendly hygiene bags from Sugarlab feature safe, natural raw materials derived from sugar cane. Perfect for fresh storage of ingredients from fruits and vegetables to meat, seafood, and dried fish. Simply wrap your favorite foods with the Sugarlab Eco-Roll Bags for safe, fresh storage for easily perishable food safety.

Eco-friendly, microwavable, freezable, and bioplastic based, it’s made with safe biomass vegetable materials that doesn’t release harmful substances to the human body. Designed to be light, clean and clear so you can easily check and distinguish your food ingredients! Can also be used for toiletries and other domestic items as well! 


  • Sugar Lab Eco Roll Bag (30x40 cm) (100 sheets) (3 cases) 
  • All Sugar Lab products are derived from sugar cane molasses.
SKU: 100010142693
Sugarlab Eco Bag (Large) 100 sheets (3 Cases per Box)
$13.59 $16.99

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