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Indulge your sweet tooth with Busan Yeongdo’s delightful Sweet Potato Caramel Candy! Soft, chewy, and addicting, this blend of Korean sweet potato and caramel will leave you wondering where the whole bag went! 

Made from sweet potatoes grown from Yeongdo-gu, the original source of all Korean sweet potatoes! Their sweet potato is famous for its small size, distinctively red color, and high sugar content.

Back in Korea’s history, a mass famine struck the peninsula leaving people starving in countless villages. A man named Moon Ik-gong sent the seeds of his sweet potatoes to Busan-jin (now Yeongdo) in 1764 to abate the famine and help relieve the starving people. Moon sent along with the seeds detailed instructions on how to cultivate and store the strong, resilient sweet potato for the winter. The first village to grow the potato seeds became known as the “Sweet Potato Village” in Busan, Yeongdo-gu. Koreans love sweet potato as a diet food because it is rich in fiber and is quickly filling.

Ingredient and Nutrition List  180g (383.0 kcal.) 

  • Sweet potato powder (sweet potato 100%) 10% (domestic), isomaltooligosaccharide, 43.3% (domestic), white sugar 42.42% (domestic), palm oil 4% (Indonesia), (Sialic acid), glycerin fatty acid ester 0.1% (domestic), lecithin
    (Soybean) 0.1% (domestic), refined salt 0.03% (domestic), sweet potato flavor
    0.05% (domestic)
  • Carbohydrate 94.5g
  • Sugar 50.4g
  • Protein 0.8g
  • Fat 0.2g
  • Saturated Fa 0.0g
  • Trans Fat 0g
  • Cholesterol Omg
  • Sodium 91.6mg
Sweet Potato Caramel Candy 180g (3 Bags per Order)
$10.48 $14.97