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Korean herb that rose to fame for its amazing (and helpful) ability to reduce nasal infections and certain allergies. It is a natural source of tannin and flavonoid. This amazing herb also helps relieve bad breath. This is thanks to the sword bean’s high content of canavanine, an amino acid that kills odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.

Shaped like a sword (hence the name), the sword bean pods are dried then roasted at high temperature before being prepped for tea. The final result is a smooth, subtly sweet and highly nutritious tea that refreshes the body and palate!  


  • Boil approx 1 cup of water. 
  • Put in 1~2 teaspoons of the tea herbs in water.
  • Brew for about 3-5 minutes before straining out the herbs. 
  • Drink and enjoy the health and nutritional benefits! 
  • Try sweetening with your favorite sweetener. Ours is honey! 
  • Can be enjoyed both hot and cold. 


  • 100% Sword Bean (Domestic)