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$50.00 $61.34

Now you can taste some of Korea's most popular snacks from various brands all in one box! From savory to sweet to tart, sample a variety of treats. Each box contains Korean favorites such as Choco Pie, a delicious chocolate pie with marshmallow filling, Honey Butter Chips, the addictively sweet & salty bag of chips, Matdongsan, a nutty peanut snack, and much more.

Gift a box to a friend, or enjoy the box for yourself (we promise we won't judge).
**Items may change depending on stock.

  • CW Shrimp Snack 80g
  • CW Caramel Twists Snack 72g
  • CW Grilled Butter Squid Snack 72g
  • CW Potato Snack 72g
  • Lotte Green Grapes Hard Candy (LARGE) 323g
  • Crown Jolly Pong 74g
  • Crown Shin Zzang Snack 120g
  • Tteokbokki Almonds
  • Honey Butter Almonds
  • Haitai Matdongsan Peanut Crunch Snack 300g
  • Haitai Honey Butter Chip 120g (JUMBO SIZE) x 1 bag
  • Orion Choco Pie x 1 Full Box
  • Haitai Choco Homerun Ball JUMBO 146g
  • Crown Couque D'asse x 1 Full Box

Taste of Korea Snack Box
$50.00 $61.34