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Enjoy the Korean version of beef jerky with the classic street snack Jwipo (traditional Korean filefish jerky). It’s a sweet, salty, savory and truly addicting snack that is surprisingly doesn’t have an overpowering fish taste or aroma. This thick cut fish fillet is made from 100% Korean cuttlefish specially cold-dried achieve its chewy consistency without being overly tough. Koreans traditionally heat Jwipo by placing the jerky on a hot burner until it begins to lightly char and curl. This adds a delightful crispy texture that gives way to a satisfyingly soft chew once the thick filefish is heated through. Perfect as a tasty snack or side dish.  It’s said that filefish nearly went extinct in Korea because so many people devoured the deliciously savory and umami-packed filefish!


  • Filefish 92% (domestic), sugar, refined salt, D-sorbitol, ginger, L-sodium glutamate, fruit wine
SKU: 100010110683
Thick Korean Filefish Fillet (Jwipo)
$31.99 $39.99

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