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$20.25 $40.49

Made with real Korean pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, each pumpkin-shaped cookie hits your taste buds with perfect amount of sweetness and spice (from the cinnamon). Enjoy them with a cup of tea, coffee, and/or milk! 

Premix (wheat, vegetable oil, sugar shortening, starch, powdered syrup, soybean oil glucose, refined salt, acidity regulator), sweet pumpkin powder, egg, brown rice flour, active gluten, purified water, cinnamon, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed. 
Contains wheat and egg.

Nutrition Facts (Serving size: 6 / 60g): Calories 174 / Total Fat 3.2g / Total Carbohydrate 31.26g / Sodium 110mg / Cholesterol 7.86mg / Protein 4.8g

Product of Korea

TINY PUMPKIN Pumpkin Crackers ( 18 crackers per box * 2 boxes)
$20.25 $40.49