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Enjoy the sweet, nutty, fresh aromatic taste of the delicious Chungju Chestnut Chips from Ukisaem, made with only the best, pesticide and additive-free, 100% all-natural chestnuts. Delightfully crispy and thin with a distinctive chestnut flavor, these chips are made from only the thickest, fullest, and richest hand-picked chestnuts.  

Chestnuts are true wonders of nature with five major nutrients packed inside each small nut! These specialized 100% domestic Korean Chungju chestnuts have one of the highest ratios of Vitamin C other than tree fruits and contain 4x Vitamin B1 that rice. They’re also rich with dietary fiber, manganese, and protein with trace amounts of copper, potassium, and magnesium. Chungju Chestnuts are specialized Korean chestnuts that have been nationally recognized by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. 

Chungju chestnuts are expensive to cultivate compared to local chestnuts and boast a naturally higher sugar content resulting in its iconic taste and quality. Its delicious sweetness, vibrant golden color, and rich consistency maximize all of its natural favors making Chungju Chestnuts the 2-consecutive Grand Prize winner of the 2013 and 2014 Korean National Fruit Representative Competition. 

From the premium, all-natural nut brand Ukisaem, featuring 100% domestic products made in the fresh spring air, clear blue skies, and rich sunshine of the Korean peninsula. Ukisaem produces stable, high-quality agricultural products by investing in eco-friendly means of production, manufacturing, and distribution with the continuous cooperation and input of local Korean farmers.


  • Pesticide-free Chestnut (domestic) 100%
Ukisaem Chungju Chestnut Chips
$6.28 $7.85