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Enjoy the fresh savory, earthy taste of the deliciously nutty Walnut Pieces from Ukisaem, made with only the best, pesticide and additive-free, 100% all-natural walnuts. Delightfully crunchy with a distinctive nutty savoriness, these walnuts are picked by hand from the mountain climate of Gyeongbuk Gimcheon, located along the Baekdudaegan mountain range. This rich, fresh, and clean area features deep valleys and majestically tall mountains that balance huge drops of temperature every dawn and dusk. This creates the perfect climate and soil conditions for wild berries, flowers, and nuts to flourish naturally, resulting in a deep, rich, unique flavor only found in the wild.

Walnuts are absolutely packed with healthy, energizing nutrients such as omega-3 fats, making them the perfect pick-me-up when a little boost of energy is needed. They are also one of the best sources of antioxidants out of all foods and may improve brain health while preventing heart disease and cancer. 

Their high fiber content and energy-dense nutrients make walnuts the perfect healthy snack. It’s done the Korean way with Korean ingredients! Children and adults will finish the bag of nutty, aromatic, flavorful and healthy walnuts in minutes!  Featuring only 100% walnuts with no preservatives, additives, or flavor enhancers. 

From the premium, all-natural nut brand Ukisaem, featuring 100% domestic products made in the fresh spring air, clear blue skies, and rich sunshine of the Korean peninsula. Ukisaem produces stable, high-quality agricultural products by investing in eco-friendly means of production, manufacturing, and distribution with the continuous cooperation and input of local Korean farmers. 

Humans have been drying nuts since ancient times for practical and medicinal purposes. This ingeniously simple yet effective process allowed people to preserve their food not only in flavor, but in valuable and medicinal nutrients. 


Persimmon and Walnut Roll!

  • Cut the tip of each persimmon with scissors before gently opening the inside up. 
  • Gently open one side of the persimmon flat before adding walnut pieces inside. 
  • Be careful not to over-pack the persimmon as it won’t dry well enough to cut. 
  • Finish by re-rolling the persimmon before letting sit to set the roll shape. 
  • Cut and serve! 


Ingredient List

  • 100% Pesticide-Free Walnuts (Domestic) 
Ukisaem Walnut Pieces
$15.16 $21.67