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$5.55 $7.93

Featuring natural seaweed picked fresh off the coast of Wando. Each batch is harvested in the middle of march during peak season when the seaweed is at its softest texture and best quality. The seaweed is then dried using a state of the art sanitary processing method. The stems are removed and the seaweed is washed to ensure clean and hygienic processing. Simply soak in water and the seaweed is ready to use! 

Conveniently packaged for quick and easy use at home or outdoors! Each package is portioned for 2-3 servings, saving time and effort during cooking. Perfect for traveling, camping, picnicking, and much more. 


  • Seal and store in a dry place away from direct sunlight. 



  • Seaweed 100% (Domestic Wando)
Wando Traditional Pre-Washed Dried Seaweed 5g (12 Packets)
$5.55 $7.93