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Improve your health while saving time and energy by enjoying Wellygo’s deliciously creamy and velvety smooth Real Porridge Collection featuring 100% fresh, healthy,  all-natural, and nutritionally-rich ingredients. This quick, easy, and satisfying porridge can be enjoyed instantly while being light and portable for convenient travel and eating on the go! Easy storage at room temperature! Simply heat in the microwave or boiling water for delicious, savory, sweet, and filling porridge. 

Try the deliciously hearty blend of sweet potato and oat made from the freshest sweet potatoes cultivated and harvested on the clean fertile soil in the highlands of Indonesia.  The naturally warm and sunny climate of Indonesia is perfect for growing fresh sweet potato all year round! Wellygo porridge achieves its amazing flavor and consistency by using only the freshest sweet potatoes harvested just before production. It adds the perfect amount of sweetness and smoothness to the healthy and nourishing oatmeal mix. 

This full-bodied sweet potato and oat porridge is full of dietary fiber which promotes intestinal health and smooth digestion. Sweet potatoes are also rich in beta carotene that the body converts into Vitamin A which helps support the immune system, healthy skin, eyes, and vision. Sweet potatoes get their sweetness from natural sugar components (polysaccharides) that are slowly absorbed by the body unlike refined monosaccharides such as sugar.

  • 30 seconds to warm in boiling water.
  • When using the microwave, lay the bag on its side and warm for 15 seconds. (Note: the container may swell and burst, so just give it 15 seconds!)

Ingredients: Oat Paste 27.5% (Oat 45%, Purified Water 55%), Sweet Potatoes 27.5%, Purified Water, Rice (Korean)