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Korean fried anchovies are a tasty, savory, and salty treat that works as the perfect banchan side dish or a quick snack!

The specially picked anchovies are braised in soy sauce to remove that fishy smell and enhance flavor with natural ingredients. Almond slices and toasted pumpkin seeds add that crunchy finish that makes these not just irresistible, but nutritious as well! The anchovies are rich in calcium while the almond slices and pumpkin seeds are rich in essential fatty acids. 


  • Sempio's side dishes are canned by using carefully selected raw materials.
  • Easy-to-open packaging.
  • Perfect for traveling, camping, or enjoying on the go!
  • Made ready to eat!


Anchovy 30% (domestic), D-sorbitol solution, polyglycitol syrup, almond slice (US), pumpkin seeds, vegetable oil, garlic, soy sauce (soybean, wheat), wheat decomposition extract, purified water, yeast extract, lactic acid bacteria fermentation liquid, pepper 

Sempio Braised Anchovies in Soy Sauce 50g