Everyone loves a good story, including us.


At SeoulMills.com, stories are important. From special small-scale suppliers to popular mainstream brands, each offer compelling stories about themselves and their products.


Here’s ours.


Our journey started with a small modest company rooted in rural Korea known as Cconma. 


Founded in 2005, Cconma Korea (Cconma.com) worked with local farmers and artisans to bring their products online to a greater audience. They introduced premium products from honest producers to customers searching for fresh, healthy, and exceptional goods at fair prices. It was a resounding success and we kept these authentic products to introduce to you through our Seoul Foods. 


However, there is much more to Seoul Mills. Our Mills Market includes popular Korean brands that are true mainstays of every local Korean Supermarket. Here you can be adventurous and try out the latest trendy Korean dishes as well as classic comfort foods that will bring you back home to mom’s cooking. 


In addition to a wide range of delicious food options, SeoulMills.com offers you access to useful, exceptionally well-made home goods and lifestyle products. You’ll see trending items that are about to break out in Korea and the US. Explore and enjoy the best Korea has to offer! 

▶ Founders of Cconma Korea
(Blossoming Morning Village)


Our mission at SeoulMills.com is to provide the best products from Korea's best suppliers, big and small.

We place our trust in products from suppliers who are honest, reliable, and sincere enough for us to bring their products into our families so you can bring them to yours.  Our suppliers have proved to be a huge success amongst our SeoulMills community and we are continuing to evaluate new partnerships based on your needs.  We know that your time and money are valuable so we make sure that the products you see are worthy of both.

Join us as we continue our story! Along the way, we hope you share your story with us too!