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Now you can make delicious Korean seafood with Maeil’s Braised Seafood Seasoning! Packed with flavor so you can cook and enjoy classic Korean seafood dishes right at home.  A perfect blend of Korean spices and seasonings to complement the fresh flavors of seafood. Try adding your favorite ingredients for your own unique twist! Conveniently packed for quick, simple, and easy use. 


  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and consume as soon as possible after opening.

Braised Seafood Recipe (1 Serving)

  • Ingredients: Water 4 cups (600g), seafood seasoning ⅔ cup (100g), 10 mussles, 1 crab, 1 octopus,1 Korean cheongyang pepper, bean sprouts ⅔ cup (100g), water celery (minary) ¼ cup (30g).
  • Wash seafood and water-celery clean and prepare into bite-size pieces. Slice the Korean cheongyang peppers diagonally.
  • Stir-fry the seafood in a pan over high heat for 7 minutes and add braised seafood seasoning.
  • When the seafood is almost fully cooked, add bean sprouts, water-celery, cheongyang peppers, and water. 
  • Simmer over low heat until it is fully cooked.  
  • You can add other kinds of seafood or additional ingredients to your liking!  


Ingredient List

  • Red pepper paste, mixed seasoning, starch syrup, starch syrup, soybean paste, somaek powder, white sugar, mixed soy sauce, brewed soy sauce, red pepper powder, milmi, liquor, amino MW1, green onion concentrate, garlic, kelp extract, perverted starch, agar powder, azimi, vatizen flavour enhancer, Daejian flavour enhancer,

Braised Seafood Sauce 100g (3 Bags per Box)
$5.99 $7.50