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Each order comes with 1 bag of carefully and thoughtfully made Cacao Balls with Hazelnut. 

Hazelnut: Hazelnuts from Turkey, home to the hazelnut for decades, are roasted in Jeju Island, Korea, to perfection bringing out the best nutty flavor.

Cocoa Mass: Raw cacao from Guatemala, one of the original birthplace of cocoa, are roasted then ground in traditional millstone for the intensifying flavor.

Palm Sugar: Palmyra Palm Sugar is made with fruity sweet palm nectar drips from the palm flowers into bamboo jars, and is collected by local farmers using traditional, non-invasive, highly sustainable, and eco-friendly techniques. 

No additives, No preservatives, No food coloring

Ingredients: Hazelnut (67.87%), Palm Sugar (24.13%), Cocoa Mass (7.6%), Cocoa Powder (0.1%), Sea Salt (0.3%)

Nutrition Facts (Serving Size: 1 pack (15g)): Calories 85 / Fat 6g / Cholesterol 0mg / Sodium 20mg / Carbohydrate 7g / Dietary Fiber 3g / Sugar 3g / Protein 2g / Vitamin D 0% / Calcium 3% / Iron 2% / Potassium 1%