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Enjoy Chaga Fermented Soybeans Health Supplement at home or on the go! Rich in protein and vegetable fat with a clean, healthy, and savory, nutty taste. Featuring soybeans harvested from natural farms located in Korea’s vast Maritime territory. The seeds are planted in spring and harvested later during the autumn completely free of any pesticides, fertilizers, and GMOs. They are then boiled over birch firewood before Chaga mushrooms are added in the fermented juice. They are fermented together using an innovative steam tableting method at a temperature of 40°C/104°F and before drying naturally. Soft, savory, and a healthy boost for any time, anywhere! 


Ingredient List 

  • 98% Soybeans,  2% Chaga Mushroom Extract 


  • Enjoy a handful 2-3 times a day by taking whole with water or simply by chewing.
  • After consuming, be sure to drink a glass of water!
Chaga Fermented Soybeans Health Supplement 250g
$20.39 $22.66