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Try Cconma’s Natural Bean Energy Balancing Cream made from all-natural ingredients such as organic fermented soybeans and chaga mushroom cultivated in Yeoju, Korea. The blend of these nutrient-dense ingredients improves skin elasticity around the eyes and brightens the skin.  Quick and easy to apply without dealing with overly sticky residue while toning the skin. Perfect for solving oily skin and dry skin alike! 

This moisture retention is thanks to the natural honey blended into the skin cream. The fermented ingredients are packed with polyphenol and flavonoids that are excellent for aging and B2, B12 vitamins for water retention, exfoliation and cell regeneration. Fermentation essentially condenses these skin-nourishing ingredients into a more concentrated, easily absorbable and therefore more effective form. In addition to their natural skin-nourishing properties, these ingredients under fermentation can also produce essential amino acids and antioxidants that heal and revive the skin. Your skin needs nourishment to be beautifully silky, bright, and youthful.  Best if used with Cconma's Natural Bean Energy Balancing Skin Toner, lotion, and eye cream.