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Save time and energy while improving your health with the delicious and nutritious 1/2 Calorie Black Barley Konjac Rice. Contains natural healthy black barley and Konjac grains. Light in calories, full of dietary fiber and rich in nutrients! It’s the perfect healthy and nutritious replacement for white rice.  From those on a diet, enduring physical training, to those who want a simple yet satisfying meal, the Oat Konjac rice is an amazing low-calorie meal for everyone! Enjoy the delightful chewiness and flavor of pure black barley and Konjac grains. Made from carefully-selected healthy, and nutritious ingredients. 

What is Konjac? 

It is an herb that grows in part of Asia, known for it's starchy corm, a tuber-like part of the stem that grows underground. Best known as a dietary supplement for weight loss and cholesterol management.


  • Microwave (Approx. 2 min) 
  • Frying pan (Approx. 2-3 min) 
  • Boiling water (Approx. 5-7 min)


  • Ingredients: Black barley 29%, Konjac 44%, Purified Water 27%
  • HACCP Certified
½ Calorie Black Barley Konjac Rice 190g (5 Packs per Box)