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Treat yourself with the sweet Strawberry Chocolate Pie from Crown Vic. These sinful treats feature fresh strawberry jam layered with biscuit and coated with chocolate. Delicious and perfect for any occasion! Pairs well with coffee or tea! 


Ingredient List

  • Flour (wheat: American), strawberry jam starch syrup, sugar, other fructose, strawberry (domestic), strawberry concentrate strawberry: domestic 50% solids), berry color, synthetic flavor (strawberry flavor, sugar, vegetable oil (from Malaysia), sort Mixed milk powder, mixed milk powder 2, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, other processed products, acidity adjusting agent,Acidity regulator 3, grain processed products, refined salt, starch syrup, emulsifier 1, emulsifier 2, synthetic fragrances (milk flavor, vanilla flavor,Vanilla extract), vanillin enzyme
  • Contains wheat, soybean, milk