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Enjoy the fresh taste of the sea with Daepung Fisheries’ freshly freeze-dried littleneck clams from Hajeon Village in Gochang, Korea.  The littleneck clams are grown and collected on the tidal flats of Gochang, which has a long, rich cultural history of being one of the nation’s largest clam producers. The natural climate, clean, pristine waters, and rich sand of this village make it the ideal environment for clams to thrive and develop their rich, delicious flavor and meat. Daepung clams are first collected from specific UNESCO-certified clean areas in the Gochang river before being processed at the HACCP-certified facility to ensure taste and quality. 

While there are many dried clams on the market, freeze-dried clams are relatively new and can be unfamiliar to some. Freeze-dried clams have multiple benefits, the primary being that instantly preserves the freshness and rich flavor of the clams without destroying their natural nutrients. The process of cooking raw clams is typically quite cumbersome as it involves rinsing, shucking, and cleaning before the cooking process can even begin! However,  you can use freeze-dried clams right away and leave the rest at room temperature to cook at your convenience. Unlike frozen clams, freeze-dried clams won’t spoil at room temperature and don’t require freezing. Simply rehydrate the clams in cold water and you’re good to go! It makes cooking clams just as easy as ramen! Even the leftover water can be used as a delicious base for Korean soups and stews. No more hassling with thawing, cleaning, and shucking! 


  • Please store at room temperature as the taste of the freeze-dried clams will be compromised if refrigerated or frozen. 
  • Chop up clams and mix with rice for tasty, nutritious baby food for young children! 


  • Freeze-drying processing facilities are produced with HACCP certification and hygiene standards, so you can eat them with peace of mind.

EXP. DATE: 10/27/2021