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This richly textured gochujang (red pepper paste) features the spicy kick of Korean red peppers and the savory taste of dried pollock. It’s been called “bibim” gochujang because it’s delicious even when just mixed with plain rice! It’s also been called the “rice thief's gochujang” because, as the name suggests, people become instant “rice thieves” or greedy for more rice simply so they can enjoy the red pepper paste. Sourced from naturally fermented dried red peppers raised in local Korean farms, fermented in traditional Korean pots and processed in state-of-the-art HACCP facilities. Deliciously spicy and aromatic, red pepper paste contains a large amount of capsaicin from locally dried Korean red peppers which has shown to boost metabolism, lower blood pressure, and even may reduce cancer risk! This wonderfully sticky and thick sauce blends traditional Korean fermentation techniques with modern advancements to achieve that iconic kick of spice and hint of sweetness. 


  • Storage method: Keep out of direct sunlight and store in a cool place after opening. 
  • The darkened color of the red pepper paste when stored for a long time is a phenomenon caused by natural ripening.  You can still enjoy with confidence. 


  • Gochujang features various ingredients containing Vitamin A, Vitamin C Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Calcium, and Potassium.
  • It also contains capsaicin and rich beta-carotene. 

Ingredient List 

  • Honey Gochujang 55% (rice fermentation broth, syrup, honey (domestic), high peanut powder (domestic), sugar), syrup 9.6%, Bibim noodles seasoning 7.2% (onion (domestic), syrup, pear (domestic), turmeric powder (domestic), sugar, Chosun soy sauce (soybean, domestic)), 7% pickled per capsicum (Chengyang pepper 50% (domestic), sugar) 6% (Russia), purified water, sake, plum blue (plum, domestic), alcohol, garlic (domestic), refined (domestic) Stir-fried sesame seeds (domestic), dried pollock (golden, Russian), pepper.

Donggang Maru Red Pepper Paste with Dried Pollock (Hwangtae Gochujang) 280g
$9.59 $11.99