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Doorechon Master's Natural Pumpkin Taffy (Yeot) is a traditional Korean-style taffy that is made by Korea's certified grandmaster, Kang, BongSeok. This classic favorite is made from delicious Korea-grown pumpkins free from artificial coloring, sugar, and preservatives. A traditional Korean sweet that’s both sweet and healthy as it’s made with only vegetables. It’s the perfect treat for every family! 

Ingredients: Master's grain syrup (rice malt, enzyme), Pumpkin grain syrup (rice, malt, enzyme, pumpkin)

Nutrition Facts (Serving Size 6 pieces (30g)): Calories 110 / Total Fat 0g / Cholesterol 0mg / Sodium 5mg / Total Carbohydrate 25g / Total Sugars 14g  

Product of Korea