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This comforting and savory soup known as haejangguk is made with dried pollock and Korean yellow miso. The unique yellow miso is extracted from the Korean Yeongwol bean in Gangwon-do. It has a delicious, slightly earthy taste that pairs perfectly with the saltiness of the dried pollock. This instant broth is so simple to prepare and perfect anytime and anywhere! 


  • Pour 1 cup of hot water into 1 block of soup and stir well after 1 minute.


Ingredient and Nutrition List 40g (27.44 kcal.) 

  •  White sugar, Dextrin yellow rice 7.68% (Pollock: Russian), Northern extract powder 4.36% [North extract (North Russian)) Corn starch, garlic, dried shiitake mushroom 1.79% (domestic), beef broth paste powder, dried red pepper Fragrance enhancer Beef soybeans, wheat, tomato milk, shellfish. 
  • Sodium 533.8mg (27%)
  • Fat 0.55g (1%)
  • Carbs 3.799 (1%)
  • Trans Fat 0g 
  • Sugar 0.7g (1%)
  • Saturated Fat 0.17g (1%)
  • Cholesterol 12.16mg (4%)
  • Protein 1.82g (3%)