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Save time and energy while boosting your health with the Sanmaeul freeze-dried Korean Black Rice Powder. Quick, simple, easy to make wherever and whenever you need! This comforting and filling powder can be made as a porridge or soup based on how much water is added and personal preference. Add sugar or salt to make it sweet, savory, or both! The powder can also be mixed with salad, cereal, and much more. Feel free to experiment with your favorite foods! 

Perfect for young children, adults, and elderly alike looking to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Great as a nutritional snack or quick meal for the modern busy worker! Fills you up without weighing you down making it the perfect snack or meal replacement.

High-quality Korean black rice is expertly cleaned and steamed to preserve the taste, nutrients, and freshness of its original form. Safe, healthy, and free from any harmful additives.

The black rice is then sent to a specialized HACCP facility where they are freeze-dried instantly at -40°C/-40°F in a vacuum. This seals in the natural taste, color, aroma, flavor, and nutrition of the original ingredients into an easily manageable and portable rehydratable powder. 

Sanmael only uses natural fresh ingredients locally grown and harvested in Korean farms and communities. Its patented freeze-dry system and technology is superior to the cheaper, conventional hot-air drying method used to produce most of the powdered foods on the market. While air-drying requires heat that destroys essential nutrients and compromises the original freshness, flavor, and texture of the raw ingredient, Sanmael’s freeze-drying methods instantly preserve these elements without the need for harmful additives or preservatives. 

Cooking Directions: 

1. Add 2-4 tablespoons of black rice powder to about ¾ cup of water or milk. 

2. Adjust the water level depending on soup, porridge, or drink. 

3. Add sugar or salt to personal preference!