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Enrich your cooking with delicious flavors by trying the quick and easy Natural Grain Seasoning Tablets. Perfect for beginner chefs as it’s quick and easy to cook amazing dishes without the stress of additional preparation. Contains 16 whole, natural ingredients without synthetic sweeteners or flavor enhancers. Filled with dynamic flavors from fresh, raw, natural ingredients including fresh seafood (4 kinds of tuna, drumfish, bonito, anchovies, dashima kelp, clams), and healthy plant-based seasonings (shiitake mushrooms, burdock, lotus root, cabbage, Korean radish, leek, onion, green onion, garlic, ginger, soybean). Perfect seasoning for traditional Korean soups, stews, hot pot, noodles, rich broth or soup stock, etc. 



  • Makes simple, quick, convenient yet delicious meals for those dieting, active on the go, at work, traveling, or just at home. Fresh, clean,natural and high-quality taste achieved without the use of MSG, L-sodium glutamate, preservative, flavor enhancers and emulsifiers. 
  • Each fresh ingredient is maintained using an innovative freeze-drying method that seals in its original flavor and aroma. Unlike conventional heat-drying methods, this technology minimizes the loss of essential nutrients by rapidly freeze-drying freshly harvested ingredients at temperatures below -40°C/°F. 
  • From raw material to shipment: Strict 4-step inspection starting with fresh raw materials harvested in season from drying to packaging
  • Through continuous experiments and development, we strive for improvement and resetting the bar of customer satisfaction.

Ingredient List: 

  • Freeze-dried again base powder 52% [Drain juice concentrate, dextrin, kelp concentrate S (Kundashima: domestic), North extract, Katsuobushi concentrated back, Anchovy powder , onion extract (onion), onion powder (onion), clam extract concentrate , tuna concentrate, garlic powder ,Powder (ginger), soybean fermented extract powder (soybean), roasted salt (sun salt), yeast extract (yeast), freeze-dried shiitake mushroom powder (shiitake mushroom), freeze-dried burdock Powder (burdock), freeze-dried lotus root powder (lotus root), freeze-dried cabbage powder (cabbage) 

SKU: 100010111496
Freeze-Dried Natural Grain Seasoning Tablets 90g (30 Servings)
$12.45 $17.79

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