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Gangwondo Gondre Marsh Snail Hangover Soup (Haejangguk) is a perfect hangover soup that helps cleanse the body of toxins. A Marsh snail, also known as daseulgi, is a small freshwater snail that has many health benefits. They are high in carotene and calcium and can help alleviate liver-related ailments, weak digestive system or constipation.  Soybeans grown in Young Wol, Gangwondo are used to make the soybean paste used in the hangover soup. 

Ingredients: Purified water, marsh snail, gondre, soybean paste, onion, green onion, perilla seed powder, garlic, corn starch, pepper, sea salt, dashida, cooking wine, L-glutamine sodium, sugar, radish extract, mixed vegetable extract powder, garlic concentrate.  Contains soybean, wheat, milk, and beef.

How to Prepare:

Pour the content into a pot. Bring to a boil. When boiling, add hot pepper or chives to your liking.

*Caution* When chewing marsh snails, you may feel like a sand-like texture. It is eggs in marsh snails and perfectly safe to consume.

Gangwondo Gondre Marsh Snail (Daseulgi) Hangover Soup 450g
$14.28 $17.86