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OHS CRISP MASTER'S Glutinous Rice Lotus Root Crisps are cooked in vegetable oil and made without artificial colorants, flavorings, or preservatives, making it the perfect healthy snack for all ages.

Lotus Root, refined rice bran oil, sweet rice, rice, potato starch, sea salt, sugar, onion, oligosaccharide


The original recipe for traditional vegetable crisps (Bugak) was passed down to the Crisps Grand Master, Oh Hee Sook (OHS), as she was the daughter-in-law of Sadaeboo (Nobleman) Jong Ga (head of the lineage). The original recipe and the method have been recognized by the Food Industry Promotion Council of Korea as Grand Master of Outstanding Products. Following her family's traditional method with fresh ingredients, OHS Traditional Crisps have become the most recognized crisps in Korea and all over the world now.