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Heal and revitalize your skin with the all-new Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Skin Cream Intense! This moisturizing cream heals dull skin, reduces dark spots, corrects skin tone and acts as the perfect base foundation for makeup. Derived from specialized Vitamin C-rich green tangerine extracts which are only in season 4 weeks out of the year! The natural tangerine extract paired with vitamin E-rich ingredients stimulates dark spot serum absorption, while panthenol relieves tired, dry skin with a soothing moisture finish. Your skin will rejoice with a beautiful, glowing sheen! 


  • After using the cream, gently spread over the areas to vulnerable to sunlight. 
  • Good for: 
    • Those with blemishes, freckles and  dry, crumbly skin that requires special attention and  moisture
    • Dull, tired skin tones


  • Goodal is constantly striving for improvement with the Green Tangerine Vita C Cream Intense containing 2 times more vitamin E content than the original Vita C cream!
  • SPF50+ offers powerful protection to shield skin from free radical damage.
  • Goodal is a cruelty-free brand adhering to strict ethical standards. 
  • Completion of human body application for blemish relief (skin, skin melanin relief) Korean Dermatology Research Institute.