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Goodpokki's instant Tteokbokki comes with soft and chewy rice cakes that are made with 100% Korean rice, deliciously red pepper paste sauce, and dried vegetable flakes. Ready within 10 minutes. (Goodpokki Hot Pouch is spicier than the original flavor).

Ingredients: Rice cake- 100% Korean rice, salt, citric acid, ethyl alcohol. Sauce- red pepper powder, sugar, hydrated crystalline glucose, corn starch, red pepper powder, beef dashi, soy sauce powder, L-sodium glutamate, glycine, red pigment, disodium succinate, guar gum, disodium 5-ribonucleotide. Flakes- dried green onion, roasted sesame seeds

How to Cook:
1. Add water, powdered sauce, and flakes. 
2. Bring to a boil and add rice cakes. Stir well until rice cake softens.
3. You may add any vegetables or toppings like cheese to your liking and enjoy!

[CLEARANCE SALE] Goodpokki Hot Pouch Instant Tteokbokki 353g (Exp. Date: 09/30/2021)
$3.99 $8.20